Franco e Paolo Turra founders and owners of ThreeGuitars. 

In the middle Gianni Tensi

About us


The project ThreeGuitars DIMA was first thought of by Gianni Tensi in January 2005. He is a guitarist from Bergamo with a passion for the Lute.
Gianni knowing my love of music and the potential of my company convinced me to design and manufacture an electric guitar. Our brief was to combine modern materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium as used in aeronautics industry.
We knew that these materials with their physical and mechanical characteristics being higher than wood had the potential to enhance the ultimate sound quality.
Although a little sceptical we were sufficiently curious enough to find out what could be achieved a determined to at the very least to help an insistent friend.


The prototype DIMA should has been conceptually simple. Our intention was a minimal design, ignoring useless frills and decorations; we focused on the ergonomic structure and function concentrating on maximum sound quality and capacity.
We had chosen a scheme with two Humbucker pickups, fixed bridge Tune "O" Matic type, through body strings, tone and volume controls, coaxial tone switch  for splitting the pickups, 3 tone selector and a bolt neck without truss rod.
The particular configuration of the neck is jointed to the body with only two screws allowing perfect stability.


Introductory statement: I am a musician and a engineer.
My brother Franco and I are the owners of a company called 3-Esse S.n.c. which, since 1970, has been working with companies on projects that include precision mechanical components like titanium orthopaedic prosthesis, carbon fibre and aluminum.
high-tech components for bicycle and motorbike, laser equipment for eyes operations.
With our experience in mechanical processing we very quickly produced in a CAD format the three-dimensional model of DIMA.
The moulds for the handle and the bottom slab are made in autoclave carbon, it is the same technology used in aeronautics and Formula 1.
Following the processing with three-dimensional cad-cam and CNC machinery of an aluminium billet (weight 14 Kg) from which we had a body of less than 2.5 Kg.


After the assembly of the prototype DIMA, Gianni immediately realised he had in is hands something really exceptional.
His first comments were:
"Fantastic aesthetic"
"The guitar's geometry in perfect"
"The keyboard is precise to the hundredth of millimetre to attain perfect intonation"
"The handle has exceptional sliding due to the carbon finishing"
"It seems velvet to touch, your fingers do not sweat and do not stick to the wood."
"What about the sound?"
With the amplifier positioned on clean, a bright clear sound, extremely definite, with shrill crystal clear tones, powered bass but never intrusive and a middle scale that remains balanced and well present.
The attack is firm and the sustain is very long, the handle sings in any position and in a uniform way on all the strings.
We can find the same situation commuting on the pick up to the bridge, obviously with a tone more aggressive but never shrill or too cutting.
"What about on the overdrive?"
The sound produced is powerful and the volume is double of the passive wood guitar of high grade but much more definite.
Play to believe…


Some times destiny goes well.
During a sound test in a guitar shop in our area, the DIMA'S sound attracted the attention of Salvo Correri, known as a professional guitarist.
He tried the instrument and immediately realised the enormous potential of DIMA so much so that he immediately asked for one to be made for him.
Following Salvo's suggestion we projected a new slimmer and lighter guitar with the addition of a Wilkinson VS 100 bridge that increases the versatility a lot.
Analysing the reaction from various proto types we decided to produce a small series of this instrument.
In the winter 2005-2006 less than a year from the first idea, was born the META-Salvo Correri Signature. It was the first work of ThreeGuitars.

Paolo Turra.

Production stages